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Professional Guitarist
Damian Bonazzoli

     Holding a degree in music from the University of Massachusetts, Damian Bonazzoli has played guitar for more than 33 years, and taught for over 20. He has played on arena rock stages, in blues and jazz clubs, in musical theatre productions, at folk and bluegrass gatherings, and in classical recitals. He has composed music for, and performed on, eight full length recordings.  His album of original guitar-based compositions, The Endless Highway, will be released in 2018, and demonstrates that Damian remains among the finest guitarists of his generation.

     Damian began playing guitar at the age of thirteen, inspired by a range of guitar players from the jazz great Joe Pass to David Gilmore of Pink Floyd to Joe Satriani. Even during his early years of playing, Damian avoided being tied to a particular genre, and instead tried to develop a style that would not easily be categorized. Toward this end, Damian expanded his study into the worlds of symphonic music, Broadway-style musicals, and world music.

     At the University of Massachusetts, Damian sang in the Collegiate Choir, studied advanced harmony and composition, and continued to hone both his guitar playing and his songwriting and compositional skills.

     Now a resident of Florida, Damian continues to write, record, perform, and teach music. He is the founder and director of the Elite Academy of Music and Motion, an award-winning music and dance academy in Ormond Beach, Florida, and he has numerous musical projects scheduled for release in 2018 and 2019. 

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