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     Studio Pro Musica offers complete production services to help you develop your song from a simple draft to a completed project.  If you are looking to evolve your idea into a structured, performance-ready piece, or add bass, drums, guitar, keyboards and other instruments to create a radio-ready arrangement, Damian has the knowledge, experience, and tools to make your concept a reality.

     Damian utilizes a tremendous variety of state of the art composition, arranging, and recording equipment and software that is too extensive to list here, but includes: Fender and Martin guitars; Royer and Shure microphones; Presonus Studio One 3 Professional; Izotope Music Production Suite (including Ozone 8 Advanced and Neutron 2 Advanced); Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate; EastWest Composer Cloud X; and numerous titles from such companies as SoundIron, Auddict, Audio Imperia, IK Multimedia, Toontrack, Best Service, KeepForest, and more. 


     To contact Damian regarding your song project(s), click here.

Studio Pro Music Music Production Services
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