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     The Endless Highway, Damian Bonazzoli’s album of original, guitar-based compositions, was released in 2018.  Although primarily a rock guitar album, The Endless Highway offers a sweeping diversity of stylistic touches, from the straight-ahead rock of Invicta to the jazz/fusion vibe of A Driving Rain, to the bluegrass feel of Hardscrabble Road to the ambient blues of The Road Less TraveledThe Endless Highway is a musical metaphor for our journey through life and beyond, and is an album best enjoyed in its entirety during a long drive to places unknown.


     Listen to a few singles from The Endless Highway, here:

Damian Bonazzoli country guitarist
Damian Bonazzoli Rock Performance
Damian Bonazzoli Guitar Teacher
Damian Bonazzoli blues guitar
Damian Bonazzoli lead guitar
jazz guitar
Damian Bonazzoli, Songwriter
Damian Bonazzoli, composer
Damian Bonazzoli, music producer
Damian Bonazzoli, music teacher
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