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Studio Pro Musica Online Guitar Learning System

     Now you have a chance to learn guitar using a structured, time tested curriculum.  With the Studio Pro Musica Guitar Method, you’ll receive PERSONALIZED  lessons in easy-to-follow high-definition video, along with sheet music (using both traditional notation and guitar tablature), supplemental diagrams and charts, and even “play along” backing tracks, PLUS regular LIVE, PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE video lessons!   Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced player, THIS is the most direct and flat-out easiest way to move forward in your guitar playing. 

     Look, if you’ve tried to learn guitar before and become frustrated – don’t worry, it’s not your fault.  Whether you tried to learn online or in-person with a teacher, you’ve probably run into the same problems – lack of a structured approach, lessons that aren’t personalized to YOU, and unclear instruction. 


     So, why does trying to learn online almost NEVER work?  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad information out there.  But even if the information is good, it may not be right for you at this time.  And even if you find a lesson or song that makes sense for you to learn, where do you go after that?  The collection of “how to” videos out there is completely unstructured.  And just as bad, there’s no feedback available; you have no idea if you’re playing something correctly. 


     On the other hand, while in-person lessons are usually a better way to learn, there are problems with this approach, too.  Weekly private lessons can be expensive, and you’re glued in to the same time slot every week.  But the biggest problem is that many instructors just aren’t really into teaching.  Few of them have a clear curriculum in place, and they rarely supplement the lesson with sheet music, instructional videos, backing tracks, and more.  Sadly, many teachers just don’t care about your progress very much.  

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The Studio Pro Musica program is different

Because you are learning a personalized curriculum from a highly respected professional instructor, you can rest assured your course content is just right for wherever you are in your musical journey.  And when you complete that lesson, the next video lesson will be in place for you; there’s no guesswork about what to learn next.

Damian explains everything with real clarity and detail, using high definition video and split-screen camera work that allows you to see exactly how Damian plays every note.  Plus, each lesson is augmented by easy to read (and understand!) sheet music, guitar tablature, diagrams, and charts.

The lessons are incredibly easy to follow


Just as important, though, is that you’ll get a 30-minute LIVE, ONE-ON-ONE video “progress check” lesson every month!  In this lesson, Damian will review your playing, and together you’ll plan the next stage of your curriculum.  That way, you can be sure you’re playing everything correctly and learning the right material every step of the way.  AND, you’ll receive a complete video recording of the lesson, so you can review it as many times as you like!

The bottom line is that the Studio Pro Musica method is the clearest, easiest to follow, most personalized, and most thorough guitar learning plan available.  Damian’s love of teaching shows at every stage, and you’ll finally be working with an instructor who takes a personal interest in YOUR progress. 


  1. Silver:  no private lesson, but monthly content, and you can send in a video every month for Damian to review; $29.99/month

  2. Gold: 1 live private lesson per month, with lesson content sent monthly;  $49.99/month
  3. Platinum:  2 live private lessons per month, with lesson content sent bi-weekly; $79.99/month

  4. “Inner Circle” Access (available January 2020):  This is the total immersion experience, featuring 2 live private lessons per month, with content sent bi-weekly, PLUS access to special classes such as “The Flatpicker’s Guide to Fingerstyle Guitar”; “Music Theory 101”; “Songwriting 101”; and “How to Read Music,” PLUS exclusive “1st listen” to Damian’s original music, interviews, guitar gear tips, and more!

Still have questions?  Please visit our FAQs page.

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